What is CT Energy Choice?

Energy Choice provides consumers with the option to choose from a variety of competitive suppliers and rates to use for their energy supply within a deregulated market. Prior to energy choice and deregulation, consumers would pay the utility for supply and delivery. Now with energy choice in Connecticut, you can choose a competitive supplier to generate your energy supply while the utility continues to deliver it. You still receive one bill from your utility but your energy supply will come from a CT electricity supplier of your choice. In Connecticut, there are many suppliers offering competitive rates over the utilities.​​​​​​​

Connecticut's Electricity Market

Connecticut deregulated its energy market back in 2000 and since then over 700,000 households and approximately 100,000 businesses in Connecticut have taken advantage of energy choice in CT to lower their electricity rates. All residents and businesses that are within the Eversource or United Illuminating territory are eligible to compare and switch electricity suppliers in Connecticut. Compare rates.​​​​​​​

How is Energy Choice Possible?

In a deregulated market that provides energy choice to consumers, the utilities are required to sell off their generation assets and become an LDC, a Local Distribution Company focusing on the distribution of the energy on the grid. The utilities then buy power from the wholesale power plants along with the competitive retail suppliers in order to provide supply to customers. The utilities also continue to provide one bill to customers to keep it easy for residents and homeowners to simply compare, switch and save on their electricity supply.​​​​​​​

Does CT Energy Savings Offer Choices?

CT Energy Savings provides a comparison of current rates provided by Connecticut electricity suppliers along with the term length, renewable energy offers, cancellation fees and other plan details. We have helped thousands of residential and business customers to compare, switch and save on their electric bill in a few easy steps! We provide the most competitive rates available from several suppliers giving you the best options to choose from when you decide to switch. CT Energy Savings allows you to shop for the best electricity plans easily and quickly. You can simply compare, switch and save!.​​​​​​​

CT Energy Suppliers

With dozens of electricity suppliers in Connecticut, it can be hard to know where to start. We work with several of the most competitive suppliers in Connecticut to provide our visitors with the best rates available throughout the year. CT Energy Suppliers are constantly providing new rates based on the month or the season. The utility's supply rate also called the Price to Compare changes every 6 months while the suppliers change their rates more often providing more options for savings.​​​​​​​

CT Energy Rates - Choosing the Right Plan

As an Eversource or United Illuminating customer, there are dozens of rate options available to switch to and lower your electricity bill. The lowest rates may have the shortest terms with the next lowest rate having a little longer term. As long as you watch your meter read dates and know when your term is going to expire, it is nice to save as much as possible. If you would rather switch for a longer term, there are 6, 12, 18 and even 24 month plans typically available. If you are interested in renewable energy, these plans are sometimes very competitive and other times come at a bit of a premium. It pays to watch the rates as they change every couple of months and especially in July and January when the utility supply rates change and the suppliers compete for new customers.​​​​​​​

Energize Your CT Utility Bill

With so many options to choose from, you can energize your bill by reducing your supply rate! Connecticut electricity customers with Eversource and UI can use CT Energy Savings to lower your cost per kWh on the same energy you are already using. Energize your CT Electricity Bill today! Why pay more for the same power, when you can pay less. Same power, same bill, lower rate! Compare Rates.​​​​​​​

Residential CT Electricity Rates

The electricity market in Connecticut has become quite competitive with dozens of rate plans and suppliers to choose from when you decide to switch suppliers. You will want to compare your options by reviewing the length of the term, the rate, cancellation fee and know if it is a renewable energy plan. These are all of the items we compare for you on CT Energy Savings and make it easy for you to compare and switch to the CT electricity supplier of your choice.​​​​​​​

Commercial CT Electricity Rates

As a business in Connecticut, electricity rates are an important consideration as they represent a significant amount of overhead expense. At CT Energy Savings, we work with dozens of reputable and competitive suppliers providing commercial rates for various term lengths from 6 months to 36 months. Depending upon when and how you use the bulk of your energy, there are a few rate types that may be applicable. Most businesses like to go with fixed rate contracts for budget certainty throughout the year, however, other rate options exist as well. Our energy consultants can help your business analyze your annual energy needs and find the lowest rates possible for the term of your choice.