Connecticut Frequently Asked Questions

Are all electric suppliers approved by the state?

​​​​​​​All Connecticut electric suppliers must be licensed by the Department of Utility Control.​​​​​​​

Can you explain the deregulation of electricity in Connecticut?

Yes, Connecticut's deregulated energy policy allows state residents and businesses to choose a different electric supplier other than Eversource or UI, to generate your power often at lower rates than the utilities.

How long has Connecticut's electricity been deregulated?

Since 2000 but it wasn't until about 2005 when electric customers were really able to take advantage of the competitive rates.

What are the different sections of my utility bill?

Your utility bill is divided into two major sections: 1. Supplier Services - is the Generation Service Charge (GSC) portion of your bill which your new supplier will provide. This refers to the cost of the electricity generated at the power plants. 2. Delivery Services - includes various distribution charges, transmission charges, etc. This portion of your bill will continue to be handled by Eversource or UI.

How many people have switched electric suppliers in Connecticut?

Over 30% or 450,000 residents and businesses have already switched! Connecticut electric customers are continuously becoming aware that they have the opportunity to choose their own electric supplier and lower their electric bill.

Why are there so many different rates?

Like Eversource and UI, each electric supplier negotiates their own agreements with the power plants to generate power for their customers. The rates may vary due to the various market conditions in which each contract is negotiated.

Will Eversource or UI be upset if I choose an electric supplier?

No. Eversource and UI encourage customers to obtain lower rates as lower energy costs benefit everyone in Connecticut.

What will my new electric supplier do?

Your new electric supplier will handle the generation of your electricity and your local utility (Eversource or UI) will remain responsible for delivery, maintenance, customer service and billing for the transmission and distribution of your electricity.

Will I get two electric bills?

No, you will still receive the same bill from the public utility you currently use either Eversource or UI. The only change will be the name listed under Electric Supplier.

Do I have to pay a deposit?


What is a variable rate?

A variable rate is a rate that may fluctuate on a monthly basis based upon current market conditions. Wholesale market conditions are the biggest reason rates could change up or down.

How often can the variable rate change?

The variable rate should only change once a month (if it changes at all). You can contact your new supplier to find out how they notify their customers when the rate changes.

What is a fixed rate?

​​​​​​​A fixed rate is a rate that you can lock into for a specific duration of time. Each of the fixed plans offered have an expiration date.

What do I do when the expiration comes up on a fixed rate plan?

Suppliers will generally notify you a month or two before the plan expiration date to see if you want to continue on a new fixed rate they are offering. If you don’t respond, you will automatically be renewed or you can switch suppliers at that time.

Do I have to call the utility and tell them to switch my electric supplier?

No. Your new supplier will notify them that you have switched. So there is no need to contact them unless you have a certain contract that you are aware of with them.

What if I have a contract?

Unless you're able to get a release of your current contract, you should adhere to any previous contractual obligations you have with your current supplier.

Who do I call if my power goes out?

You still call the public utility if your service goes out or you have any other repair issues. For Eversource - 800-286-2000 For UI - 1-800-7CALLUI or 203-499-3333

If I cancel do I have to pay a fee or penalty?

There are very few suppliers that have a cancellation fee and they are generally limited to fixed rate plans. If there is any cancellation fee, it will be listed when you compare plans.

I have a deposit with my utility company, will I get that back?

Possibly, you will need to contact your utility to get your deposit back.

When I switch, how long does it take before my new supplier is reflected on my bill?

When you enroll with a new supplier on our site, they will receive your enrollment the same day. Then allow 3-5 business days for your new supplier to process and verify your account. After that, you will officially be switched on your next meter reading. It will take 1-2 billing cycles to reflect your new rate and supplier.

When I switch do you need to install a new meter?

No, you can continue to use the meter you have.

When I switch suppliers is there a disruption of power?

No. The switch from one supplier to another is seamless and there is no change in service or billing.

Will I lose power if the Competitive Supplier goes out of business?

Absolutely not. In this instance, your local utility will step in and be the supplier of last resort.

Do the suppliers offer green energy?

Connecticut policy requires all licensed electric suppliers to obtain 14% of their electricity load from renewable sources including solar power, wind power, hydropower, etc. In addition, some suppliers exceed the requirement for renewable energy by purchasing renewable energy credits, REC’s.

What is a Renewable Energy Credit?

A Renewable Energy Credit, or REC, is a certificate that is issued for each Megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy generated from certain clean or renewable resources or for each MWh of energy conserved through the installation of energy efficiency measures.

Will I get a confirmation when I enroll online?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your enrollment outlining the electric supplier you have selected, the details of your electric plan and the customer service information for your new supplier.

How will I know that I am a customer of my new supplier?

Upon enrollment with, we will transfer your information to the supplier you have selected. They will contact the utility you work with immediately. The utility then has two days to get back to the supplier with an approval or a rejection. If accepted, you will see your new supplier reflected on your electric bill. If rejected, the supplier will attempt to find out why and contact you if need be.

Are there higher rates during peak hours?

No. The plans offered generally have one flat rate throughout the day.

Can we sign up for an electric supplier if our new address hasn't been activated yet through the utility?

No. A current utility account must be in place before we are able to make the switch.

Can we receive your service if we're on a budget plan or energy assistance?

You will need to contact the electric suppliers directly to sign up.

Can we switch suppliers if we owe money to the utility?

You can attempt to switch suppliers using and depending upon your agreement with the utility, the new supplier you selected will either show up on your next electric bill or let you know if they are unable to process your account successfully.